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Taunggyi is situated in the southern Shan State and is the capital town of Shan States. It is 4.712feet above the sea level and has a moderate climate. Also located about 500 kilometers north of Yangon and about 10 kilometers southeast of Mandalay. The capital city of the Shan State. is situated on a high plateau surrounded by high mountains.
It is situated on a high plateau surrounded by high mountains. As Taunggyi lies on a hill region. the atmosphere is conducive to good health especially by means of the salubrious mountain air. It usually rains in Taunggyi from June to November and average annual rainfall is 32.68 inches. To reach Taunggyi you first have to fly to Heho. about 40 kilometers to the West. because the town itself does not boast an airfield. Taunggyi can be reached by road. rail or air from all parts of the country. The distance between Yangon and Taunggyi is 456 miles and can be reached by road directly. The road to Taunggyi is full of bends and zigzags and. seen from above. resembles a snake. One can have a good view of the surrounding area while travelling along this road. As soon as you enter Taunggyi. the magnificent Sao Sam Htun Hospital can be seen first and further on there are the Taunggyi Department Store. the market. Dhammayon (congregation hall). Agricultural Bank. cinemas and shops and stores. restaurants. churches. Shan State Cultural Museum. Taunggyi Degree College. the golf course and residential buildings.There are pines. cherry and eucalyptus trees growing all over the town and the whole area is green and pleasant. The busiest part of Taunggyi is the Myoma Market. a place where people from the environs used to flock only once every five days to buy and sell their regional products. Now it has become a daily market and is constantly crowded with people. It is also the gathering point of different national races residing in Taunggyi.



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